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Contributor: Ian AshleighSometimes it’s more difficult to reduce a catalogue of 20 songs to just 10, particularly when each song is unique and the 20 songs represent the recorded history of a trio you knew personally.When I went to Lanchester Polytechnic in Coventry in 1978 and became involved with the Folk Club there, the talk was of a band called Waterfall who were students at the nearby Warwick University. It transpired the band was a trio; Keith Donnelly (guitar, vocals and 18 of the songs), Martyn Oram (fiddle, mandolin, bowed psaltery, guitar, vocals and 2 of the songs) and Gilly Darbey (vocals, guitar & mandolin). We went to see them play at the Warwick University Folk Club and they played at the Poly too. Gilly Darbey has a stunning voice and brings life to Keith Donnelly’s intelligent and carefully crafted lyrics. They released two albums together and I have both, duly signed by the band. I’m not aware they have ever become available on CD and have digitised my vinyl complete with the pops and scratches of age; an internet search reveals the vinyl records fetch unreal prices.25 years after their last Waterfall 'duo' collaboration, Keith Donnelly & Martyn Oram have reformed for occasional performances. Presenting an entertaining mix mostly of their music from the late '70's, They will be singing many of their own songs and some favourites from the time, including songs by Jonathon Kelly, Tom Paxton, Al Stewart etcBeautiful songs, dynamic performance and fun! with guitars, violin, mandolin & bouzouki.A concert of nostalgia for those who remember, and discovery for those who don't.

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