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Tom Patterson And Dave Morton

Tom Patterson and Dave Morton are a Midlands based folk duo who perform original traditionally based material, mainly using twin nylon-strung guitars. Tom’s songs cover a range of subjects, including people and events linked to his native North East of England. A number of his compositions have won competitions at the Morpeth, Sedgefield and Darlington folk festivals. In April 2014, leading folk music magazine ‘The Living Tradition’ wrote, “Tom is a skilled songwriter ably painting pictures of characters, stories and places he has come across over the years.” Dave, who was born near Stoke-on-Trent, has been a regular on the Leicestershire folk scene for a number of years. Originally classically trained, he arranges the songs and provides lead musical accompaniment playing guitar, banjo, mandolin and concertinas. A typical Patterson and Morton set usually includes a solo from Dave on guitar. As well as performing in folk clubs, Tom and Dave have been heard on local radio programmes and made recent guest appearances at the Bedworth, Lichfield, Alcester, Fastnet and Tenterden folk festivals. They have made two albums – ‘We Are The Lucky Ones’ recorded in 1993 and the 2014 release ‘Just The Way It Is’ which was described by ‘The Living Tradition’ as “a CD of great songs”.

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