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The Old `Uns

The Old ‘Uns are a group of six friends, musicians and singers, with a total age of more than 400 years, who have been on the folk circuit in the West Midlands and various other places for more than a collective 200 years! Yes, that is hard to believe, but when you see who they are it’s not so surprising. Their name comes about as the exact opposite of the Young ‘Uns as the Old ‘Uns are just that, old. Well, let’s say they are all of, or past, retirement age. The group got together in 2014 and consists of John and Elaine Meechan, Phil Benson, Dave Parr, Malc Gurnham and Gill Gilsenan. Their repertoire covers a wide genre of music from traditional and contemporary folk songs through to pop performed in a folky way. They have performed in clubs and at Bedworth Folk Festival.

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