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Formed in November 2014, they were originally Flossy McDougal, Geoff Veasey and John Kearney. Flossy sang and recorded previously with Pennyroyal along with Linda Dickson and Sue Dixon. Geoff sang and recorded previously with Black Parrot Seaside. John is a respected singer/songwriter originally from Cork and was a member of various bands including Romeo's Butcher. Nunc is latin for "Now"-and so was intended to reflect new beginnings after their previous bands folded. Flossy is Geoff's Niece. (Niece+Uncle=Nunc). Someone recently pointed out, in a reference to our stage shirts,that Nunc could also be an acronym for "Never under nine colours." Paul Moore and Jon Harrington have since been added to the permanent line-up. ​Dragonhead's John Harris sometimes steps in on electric bass. Four of the six piece line up live in Nuneaton.

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