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His Worship And The Pig

I’m a singer and song writer from Stoke On Trent. Some of you will know me from my days performing with my old mate Jeff Parton in our duo His Worship and The Pig. Since we retired I have been surprised by the level of interest still shown in the music we made and performed for over 20 years. People enquire about CD’s or specific tracks. People are playing them as part of their repertoire. Some, have even been recorded by other performers or used for various celebrations and a few for some touching remembrances and memorials. All this made me think that there is still a reason to keep these songs alive and available. I’m also hoping that people who haven’t heard the songs might also be interested. Hence the website bursting into life to provide a safe place for the lyrics, recordings, photographs and I hope to trigger some fond memories of those times too. In addition to the music of His Worship and the Pig’s music earlier bands are also featured here. Some will remember Muggins’ Fancy and Cornfield Perambulation. Have a listen and I hope you enjoy. I’m planning to record and add some of my new songs when time allows. I’ve also been asked to come and sing some of the old songs again. I was delighted, and more than happy to obliged. I include some of my new songs in the set but they are still a mix of silly and serious songs. If you’d like me to come along and sing a set at your club, festival or event please drop me a line at the email address on this page. I’d be pleased to hear from you. Keep Smiling Dave

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