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Hamish Currie

"I was lucky enough to hear Hamish Currie when he visited our monthly music gathering in Cardiff. He was immediately able to gain our full attention with his informative relaxed introductions and his skilled vocals and guitar. His ability to enter into a wide range of fine material and draw us in was masterful, and his choice of material sensitive and thoughtful."Frankie Armstrong. Yes, the Frankie Armstrong."Well I told you you shouldn't miss our spotlight guest, Hamish Currie, didn't I...? What a great performance he gave us, and such a variety of songs & influences... from Elvis Costello to trad ballads... on guitar, ukulele or solo unaccompanied... All quality material and all performed with deceptive ease and confidence..."Newport Lyceum Folk Club"Just back from Bedworth Folk Festival ... Our absolute find of the festival was Hamish Currie, a wonderful singer of Scottish origin who can only be summed up as he was in the programme, a gentle singer with a twinkle in his eye. It would be so easy for someone so gentle to be overlooked, drowned out etc, but he was so much in command of the stage that he had the audience twisted around his little finger. His material was varied and his performance made us determined to listen to every word. His voice and gentle style made me think I would love him to sing me to sleep, but that would be no good, because I'd not want to miss hearing him. I really hope it is not long before we see him again."Lorna Davies, North Staffs Folk Diary

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