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George Papavgeris And His Los Marbles

If you have already visited the Georges personal page you will have followed the process by which I was transformed from Computer Man to Writer of Songs & International Megastar (in my dreams!) in a mere 6-7 years.At the same time Vicki Swan and Jonny Dyer were taking the folk world by storm in their own right, "establishing themselves as one of the best duos around on the folk scene today" (Famous Willows Folk Club). Vicki & Jonny effortlessly blend traditional material with contemporary interpretations whilst equally creating original self penned tunes and songs that are entirely at home in the tradition. Out of this combination they have developed a sound that is both familiar and fresh. Strong believers in letting the music tradition live and breathe through sensitive interpretation, Vicki and Jonny allow the melody to sing without any constraints. With seven albums to their name and an increasingly frantic gig schedule, their outstanding technical ability across a range of diverse instruments (Vicki: Scottish smallpipes, Swedish nyckelharpa, double bass, whistle - Jonny: guitar, accordion, keyboards) and their warm unassuming vocals have resulted in many collaboration opportunities.It was not surprising therefore that , being an admirer of Vicki & Jonny's music, I asked them to provide the main backing for my last two albums and having done so, we exploited every opportunity to play and sing together in each other's sets at festivals. The result was inevitable - I started to write songs that required three voices, or keyboards, or nyckelharpa to do them justice. And when I asked them to assume the mantle of my hitherto itinerant "Los Marbles" they happily agreed and from 2009 we have performed as such at a number of UK festivals, from Sidmouth to Fylde and the Australian National FF in Canberra, from Banbury to Bedworth and Chippenham.With the Los Marbles we provide a much more extensive repertoire than I can ever do on my own, performing a number of songs that require the fuller sound of the trio but also several of my "hits" with a fuller backing, and interspersing them with Vicki's and Jonny's own hit tunes and songs, adding more dimensions and variety to the performance that can keep an audience on their toes - literally - or singing along for hours.

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