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Dave Fry

Singer and Raconteur Dave's latest CD 'Nostalgia' features new songs and favourite standards re-worked for the modern age. Dave performs contemporary and original songs on the Guild 12-string guitar, adds a touch of in-between humour and is a guaranteed crowd-pleaser with some fine chorus material  His first CD, Shifting Sands has gone into reprint twice!  He is also featured on the Warwick & Stockton Folk Club CDs.Resident at The Runway at The Boggery, Solihull for two years, he regularly appears at  Warwick, Banbury and Bedworth Folk Festivals as well as being a highly regarded MC . Further afield, he appeared in Majorca entertaining American sailors (don't ask!). Dave has supported some big names, including Sid Kipper, Les Barker (twice), Quicksilver, Sean Cannon, Meet on the Ledge (twice) and Mary James from Nashville! This all started by strumming a Chad Valley tin banjo when he was 10-years-old, 'till he blistered his thumb and was hooked!  He fell in love with the twelve-string guitar at 18 and has been playing them ever since.

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