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The three members of Caim harmony trio may be separated by the Irish Sea but they are not divided musically.  Pauline Vallance's roots in Scotland, Jacynth Hamill's in N. Ireland and Heather Innes's in Zimbabwe, Scotland, Northern Ireland, England and Australia all contribute to Caim's strong and varied traditional repertoire.Also feeding in to the mix is the life experience and wider musical experience of each of the women.  Heather's vibrant a cappella singing which served her well in her early days on the folk-club circuit, continues to provide a strong foundation in the group, as does her time as a key vocalist and bodhran player in the bands "Dulaman" and "Firefrost".  Now and again she ventures into song-writing - when a place or event speaks strongly to her.  One of those songs is the evocative "Rannoch".    Jacynth has a solid choral background which she puts to good use in arranging material for the group.  Her pure and light voice adds an ethereal quality to the 3-part harmonies as well as suiting the plaintive solo songs she adds to the mix.  She is skilled at engaging others in singing - whether audiences or small groups.  This also applies to dancing!Heather and Jacynth sang as an a cappella duo for 16 years, made nine albums and toured in UK, Ireland, US, Canada, Australia and Thailand.  In 2015 Pauline joined the group - converting it to a harmony trio with harp and flute.Pauline's classical as well as folk background, her instrumental skills, some honed by orchestral playing, and her lyrical voice have enriched Caim's sound and repertoire.  She is a talented songwriter, turning events she has experienced,  items she has read about, or a notion that has taken her fancy into a moving, a poignant  or a hilarious song.  Pauline also has the ability to engage folk in song interpretation or writing workshops.

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