Performer Information

Brian Phillips

Brian is a 60-something with a 40-something attitude.  Having performed for many years both solo and with numerous others in numerous combinations, his artistry is something to behold.A regular performer on the folk music scene in the Midlands and the West Country, he gives all he has, whether it be a floor spot at a club night, or as the principal artist on the main stage at a festival.He has a unique aptitude for knowing what the audience wants; be it playing of instrumentals such as ‘Angie’ or by singing gentle ballads and love songs.   He can have you in awe one minute and in tears of laughter the next with his quirky comments and introductions.Brian’s recent appendage to his ‘Act’ is the occasional airing of self-penned and extremely witty poetry.  This is not to be missed for it is believed that he could be the next Poet Loreat.

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