Performer Information

Anna Ryder

"annA rydeR is Fairport's favourite singer/songwriter. When I heard her I was just blown away, she writes such crafted songs, melodies with great feeling, I just had to play with her."  [DAVE PEGG] annA's inventive and dynamic trio "I O T A" with Sally Barker and Marion Fleetwood "Three brilliant musicians, singers and writers exuding an infectious joy of music. A force to be reckoned with." [JULIE MATTHEWS] [MOJO magazine] "A confident and varied singer-songwriter album with depth and integrity with songs that demonstrate a rare originality and that demand your attention.""annA rydeR's approach to songwriting is fresh and originaldc-comma her instrumentation surprising and her themes out of the ordinary. I think she's special." [RALPH McTELL]

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